Open-source, lightweight, and hackable single pane of glass cloud object explorer & git server


Object Explorer

Use to serve as a single interface to manage all of your files and objects regardless of the storage provider they live in. Do you personally have files in Dropbox, but your company manages policies in AWS S3 or GCS? With a single login you can manage all your files seamlessly.


Most users who have written any kind of software, particularly FOSS have used git in some capacity. You've likely utilized Github or Gitlab to host the source of truth for your code. has a built in git server for you to host your repositories for you and store in your cloud storage bucket(s), effectively allowing you to host your own personal Github.

$ git clone
$ cd redis
$ # `` below can be replaced with your server
$ git remote add chest$YOUR_USERNAME/redis
$ git push chest master
$ # when prompted, authenticate with your username and password

Good Use Cases

  • Easily browse objects/files in buckets between multiple cloud storage providers
  • Have a way to update files in the cloud and easily track changes to files via git repos and standard commands (i.e. git log)
  • Host your own git server for you and/or your team and control where your code lives
  • Have a place to easily create public links for others to access/download individual files and optionally password protect or expire them
  • Have a way to interact with buckets & objects/files across providers easily through a CLI
  • Have a solution to easily query and pull down files from cloud providers to slack (slackbot coming soon)

Poor Use Cases

  • Perform full text search on tens of millions+ log files in
  • Train ML models against tens of millions+ objects from
  • Stream movies from files that live in cloud storage
Google Cloud Storage
Local File System*
* Supports the file system where the server is installed.

Single Pane of Glass allows you to integrate all of your cloud storage buckets & directories into a single interface and browse, download, and upload objects, all the while automatically saving object version histories using a built-in git server.

Git Integration has a built in git server and client that is used primarily to update and store object version histories in managed repos per object. These repos can be cloned, pulled, pushed, etc. just like any git repo that you're used to today.

As a bonus, the git server can be used like any other git remote (think Github, Gitlab, etc.)!

$ npm install -g @cheststore/cli
$ chest ls
BUCKET                 ID                                   FULL_PATH                                                             NAME                                           
(aws) c92e7ed2-fd94-4803-bf09-81adf561bdec                         
(aws) 5929907c-a29b-45de-b40b-e4e1f3c05ca7 LICENSE                                                               LICENSE                                        
(aws) 701de8ee-5ddb-41bb-9818-16e647c8480e 359cea9e-915c-4736-a49b-00812b1a534a.git.tar.gz

$ chest ls README
BUCKET                 ID                                   FULL_PATH       NAME           
(aws) 199cd6fd-8e92-450e-9306-03bede8c0a42      

$ chest download 199cd6fd-8e92-450e-9306-03bede8c0a42
Successfully downloaded file to

Command Line Interface

Easy to install and use CLI interface to make all your objects manageable and portable regardless of the machine you're on.

Try it Out!

Feel free to use the following test instance and credentials to login and poke around before needing to commit any time into installing and/or integrating your own buckets with your own instance.
Username: test
Password: test
P.S. This instance's database resets every few hours, so keep in mind any uploads or git pushes you make will be wiped clean at each refresh.
P.P.S. This test instance is running on a t2.micro in AWS, so could easily get overloaded if too many people are in it at once. I'll do my best to keep this up, running, and healthy at all times and will upgrade to a bigger instance if traffic consistently stays high.

Interested in a hosted offering? Sign up here and we'll update you when we are up and running!


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